Documenting your day in an artistic way....

Documenting your day in an artistic way!

I love what I do. I am honored to have the privilege to spend the day with couples who are looking for artistic and documentary style photos that represent who they are as individuals, as well as the magic they create as a couple.

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I am so excited to finally have my new website live! It took many crazy months but I think it turned out amazing!
There are way too many pictures on there but as my clients know - editing is my downfall! I wanted something a bit whimsical but at the same time classy. I also wanted to include that I do have a license from BMI to use the songs that are playing on my site. The copyright issue was very important to me, and I think the use of music really adds the impact.

The website where you can find out more is:

I also wanted to send thanks to Rhonda from Rhonda Stark Photography for designing my site for me. I hope I wasn't too nuts in this whole process. 

I found her on, which is a wonderful resource! Thanks to my sister for finding that!!

Okay - Little Man is now walking!!! Yikes!! He took to it like white on rice!! Soon he'll be doing laps around the house - with Mommy running behind him - it's all over now.....


This is our latest Family picture, Pete, Alex and I. This was taken at Easter at my Mom & Dad's house by my sister, Missy.


This is Myrtos, again our favorite beach on Kefalonia. You have to drive down a crazy zig zag of a road to get down there, and those little things are cars and lounge chairs - pretty crazy. It is absolutely beautiful.

This is some of the pre-earthquake architecture in Fiskardo on Kefalonia. This is the only remaining area where the original architecture exists.

The ferry on the way over to Kefalonia.

This is a self portrait of Pete and I, seems like the only way to get one!

This is our feet on our favorite beach, Myrtos, on Kefalonia.
These pictures are a bunch form Greece last time we were there, I love the ones of Alex on the Ferry over to Kefalonia, it was so windy!