Documenting your day in an artistic way....

Documenting your day in an artistic way!

I love what I do. I am honored to have the privilege to spend the day with couples who are looking for artistic and documentary style photos that represent who they are as individuals, as well as the magic they create as a couple.

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Santorini, Greece, 2008

When we were in Greece we took 5 days and went to Oia on Santorini in Greece. It was so amazing! The views are unlike anything you have ever seen. As a photographer I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities! If any of you out there are thinking of going to Santorini, it is definitely worth it - although there were some things that we were disappointed about. There are really no good beaches there. We pretty mcuh knew this because the island is all volcanic rock so the edges of the island go right down into the water. There was one black sand beach but it was very overcrowded. We were glad we stayed in Oia because it was very peaceful there. The main town of Fira (or Thira) was very overcrowded with tourists. Oia was much more quaint and we had a room that overlooked the Caldera and the water. The rooms that are on the cliffs are worth it! Bring your $$$$!! Especially right now with the Euro so strong. All in all I would have gone again - but not for too long - I liked that we went back to Kefallonia which has the best beaches in Greece.

View of Oia at Sunset

Can you find Pete? It's like where's waldo! (Look dead center under umbrella)

The view from our room's patio

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