Documenting your day in an artistic way....

Documenting your day in an artistic way!

I love what I do. I am honored to have the privilege to spend the day with couples who are looking for artistic and documentary style photos that represent who they are as individuals, as well as the magic they create as a couple.

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Samantha + Dean ~ Engagement Session

Fells Point is an amazing place to do some fun and different engagement shots. Samantha  + Dean are getting married in September of this year and they are very patient and understanding people. I say this because while we were taking some pics in a parking lot - I tripped over one of those cement blocks in parking spots, camera up to my face. Now - being a photographer sometimes comes with bodily risks - you are composing and looking for perfect light all while paying attention to what you see through the camera - not necessarily what your legs are up to. They were up to no good and I tripped and slid down a brick wall and Samantha + Dean had first row seats. Thank goodness Samantha works in an ER and helped me feel covered if I needed any major help, like getting an arm back in the socket for example. I did not need that - just a few band aids that we got from The Green Turtle - (they have a whole First Aid Kit that is amazing!) I saved my camera from any major damage and we just went right on shooting. Wow I'm good! I think I remember getting an A in "How to not damage your camera while tripping over something during a shoot" in school - so I was prepared! Thanks Sam + Dean for being so understanding!! Their pics turned out really cute!

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